• bad blogger, bad, bad blogger. sorry.
  • just finished working four 12 hr shifts in five days
  • insane amount of changes happening at work...ahhh, one thing at a time!
  • the speedster got his license plates...finally
  • Brian has been busy reorganizing the garage with some new shelving
  • another super cute haircut from my girl, Lili
  • scared to parallel park the speedster. {the hood is the size of a queen bed!}
  • thinking about my Christmas cards & gift lists
  • cold front surfing into north texas...tonight! yah!
  • washing & packing clothes for this weekends trip
  • i know a secret....
  • smoke free for 2 months & have the 10 lb weight gain to prove it ~ perfect.
  • thankful.
  • content.
  • blessed.


Lizzy said...

Don't apologize - Life on Life's terms...it happens to all of us.


Nina Diane said...

congrats on the no smoking.....and I wish mine had only been a 10 lb weight gain. But I think mine was the quit smoking / menopause combination but whatever, 20 lbs for me!

believe it or not...it's just me said...

no fair... you always know the secrets! hee hee

Loreluca said...

Love your little list! And let's not talk about bad bloggers (hehe!)
Great thing you're an ex-smoker... 10 puonds and all!