a short list...

  • please remember my friends Jimmy, Sandy & Jillian in your prayers.
  • It snowed in Texas last night, but not at our house...bummer.
  • I am soooooo over the political commercials by Hill & Obama.
  • Bailey's tumors are growing.
  • It has been a week since I've been to the gym.
  • I am 'all about' the Girl Scouts and their insanely yummy All Abouts cookies....I'm going to need another box and a 12 step program here people.....
  • I realize that many of my blog visitors live "up north" and remain knee deep in winter weather...cold toes, chapped lips and the like......well friends, have I got just the thing for you! I bought this new lip balm at Walmart the other day & I am addicted! It makes your lips feel simply luscious and with a hint of mint they feel refreshed at the same time! If you are in the market for better lip service...try this! {Kicks 'ol chapsticks' ass!}
  • I bought this today....chunky with bling...I love it!


Anonymous said...

I am glad someone else has not been to the gym in a week. Yes, it did snow last night, but not enough for the kids! I bought six boxes last week and can't wait until they arrive. Did you know that they have different names in different parts of the US? I told the girl I wanted tagalongs and she had no idea what I wanted. Have a different name up here.


Anonymous said...

Love,Love,Love the watch and I am going to Wal Mart right away for the chapstick. I'll try anything right now:) Damn Iowa winters!


Lizzy said...

My lips look like they need a good sanding, so this may help. Cold and snow and wind here...such fun....Thanks Honey

Anonymous said...

What's the watch? A cheap Bulova?!?! Let me know when you get a REAL watch and can run with the big dogs!!! HA HA!! LOL!! Let's connect soon! Wanted to call on my commute home last noc, but exhausted and stressed! 5/6 days in a row of intense 12s! Wasn't in the mood for chit chat! Let's talk soon! Love you! cjb