Squirrels & Jasmine

  • My dental implant process was complete 4/10. The million dollar bionic tooth aches when I chew on it. Damn.
  • Tanner & I had a date with Lori & Green at the doggie park...Fort Woof. Tanner had a blast running free! So much fun! Thanks Lori! Love ya, girl!
  • I do not want to be a nurse anymore...for reasons too lengthy to post here at this time. Anyone hiring....contact me!
  • The jasmine is blooming & smells soooo yummy...reminds me of Hawaii. I love Hawaii....
  • Twice weekly training sessions are paying off...I am starting to see results!
  • Tanner Boy let himself out our open bedroom window the other day while we were gone...pushed that screen out & voila! outside! Thank goodness it was a window to the back, fenced yard! I'm sure a squirrel is to blame! :)
  • Mr. Rooter visited our house this week for a plugged main line to the street...I should have known when the toilet was bubbling that there was trouble.......
  • Happy Nurses Week!
  • I have added to the blog roll...some creative fun folks over there...go check 'em out! Whiskey Texas is Brians' twin separated at birth...he dispatches, road trips, photographs ghost signs...
  • "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths" (Proverbs 3:5-6).

I've been pondering if and how God speaks to me. I wonder if I have been listening...?


Anonymous said...

You could go back to school? I have a wonderful place for a BSN, then a masters. What an educator you could be!


Anonymous said...

Shel..check out my favorite Amy Doerring's new blog. Add it to your faves! I check it daily with Rodney and Jodi Gehman! Yummy! Love them both!


Don't do the above..that requires COLLEGE!! ISH!!!! Go with our thoughts!! By the way...what are "deep nights"? sorry, didn't catch that one! Let's chat soon. I work all of next Memorial Day wknd..Fri-Sun..let's have a date!! Smiles and hugs! Love, Carri

Loreluca said...

WOW, Tanner really IS an expert, huh? windows seem to be his specialty...
I have to get a couple of teeth implants myself... one of these days. I'm just a total chicken when it comes to it!
Happy {belated} nurses week!