BAD DOG....?

....not at all, just being a dog! A dog that happens to love water and mud. A lot!
Let me set the stage: Brian & I are in the front yard mowing/trimming. Tanner is in the back & none too pleased about being left out of the action. You know, the usual, crying at the gate, barking, the occasional yelp...routine stuff.
Anyway, Bri went into the back to get lawn bags & found our mud lover
digging to China! Bri says to me.....
"better go see what YOUR dog has done."
The soaker hose/mud hole to China.
When I yelled at Tanner..."What the HELL are you doing?"
He simply laid down...in the puddle. Good Dog.

Tan Man, looking quite smug with himself, right after I tied him to the tree...an attempt at damage control! Who knew the 'ol tongue was that long? Did I do something wrong? I *heart* you Mom!!! Beware Tanner, that hose is going to be used against you! But I am cute, right? Nothing a little soap couldnt fix. After the soaping, scrubing and shaking I hung him up to dry! Then on to other matters........


TJ said...

Oh, we have a hole-digger, too. It drives me crazy, but I can't watch her 24/7 in the yard either.


believe it or not...it's just me said...

uh oh... looks like someone had a ggod time in the mud! hope your carpet comes clean without too much work

Lori said...

tanner is out of control! dog camp, anyone?? :) still haven't received any camp letters from green...

wovedog said...

M -
Your blog is amazing! Love the posts about little Tanner-buddy. We were just talking about him last night (he is still SO gorgeous)! Thank you for loving him!

J & T

P.S. We were surfin the ESRA website last night - some of the Springer situations will make you cry... what precious little pooches!