Jane's Question, Baby Burpies & Thrifty Things!

Oh lookie here at what I got! Bri hit the antique store Saturday while I was working and come home with these awesome treasures! A white Ball jar with locking lid:perfect for scrapbooking notions! And my favorite thing of all....a wooden ruler that folds all up, super cute! Any ideas on the age of the ruler?
It is a No. 68 made by the Master Rule Mfg Co, New York. **oh**and just look at THIS yumminess! Personalized baby burpies! To die for, I say.
My friend, Davney, sews up some awesome stuff...love it, love her!
My sweet friend, Jane, {that is her on the right}...has a few questions....
I dont suppose any of my "yankee" friends/family can help her out?
1. how much does an ear of sweet corn cost "up north" ?
2. hows come there are basements "up north" and not here in Texas?
...and does it have anything to do with bedrock?


Anonymous said...

Question 1: A dozen ears for $4 at the store, less from the back of a pickup.

Question 2: They will built basements in Texas, but they are too expensive, and I was told the water table is too high.

Miss ya,

Mary said...

In Iowa corn is $6.00 for a dozen
off the pickup--according to
a Des Moines TV station. If from
the farm it is free to all who wants it---always plenty!!

believe it or not...it's just me said...

we always grew our own sweet corn when we lived up north, so I guess it was FREE. Don't know about the basements, but gotta tell ya I sure do miss them and wish we did have them here.
has randy seen his lovely picture posted for all to see? cute picture! i sure miss you guys on days!

Lizzy said...

$3/Doz on sale at the store...about the same in the pick up if you can find it. Basements are determined by soil, water levels and rock formations according to where your house is. Texas is not a good candidate because of all the above and added to that, it floods regularly in most places...not a fun thought

Jane said...

Well, sounds like YOUS GUYZ are just rolling in the corn!
Dana miss ya girl. Hear you are buiding a house? will it have a basement?

Okay, I understand why we dont have basements here. What I want to know, is why do yous guyz have them up there?? Even a modest home has a basement. Id rather spend that money on a nicer kitchen or extra bedroom. Ive convinced myself that it has to do with the cold weather.

Help me please. My boyfriend and I have argued... um discussed this for weeks.
Jane on the right.. ( I like the way that sounds.)

Ps michelle, thanks for making me famous. and I just love dr randel. He really is a good guy.

Anonymous said...

Yes I will have a basement, but it is added space and of course useful in a tornado.

Say Hi to Randy for me.

Miss you all,