Out of the mouths of babes...

A conversation between my sister & my 5 year old niece, Emma...while opening the days mail:

Emma: What is this letter?

Angie: It is our life insurance.

Emma: Whats that?

Angie: Well, if something happens to Mommy or Daddy it pays money so we can pay the bills.

Emma: What if something happens to both Mommy & Daddy?

Angie: You would go to live with Aunt Shel & Uncle Brian.

Emma: Why?

Angie: Mommy & Daddy would want you to live there.

~~~deep contemplation by emma~~~

Emma: Can I take whatever I want?

Angie: Yes.

Emma: Good, I wanna take the recipe box. I just LOOOOVVE those potatoes!

Angie: {stifling a giggle} I am quite sure Aunt Shel will let you take the recipe box.

~authors note: I know she is my niece, as she is most concerned about missing a meal that involves potatoes! Ha!

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TJ said...


That girl is going to be gymnast - check out those legs!