Amelia Bedelia

Pretty exciting stuff around here today... I watched this neurotic cat attempt to pull birds out of the sky. He was horribly unsuccessful, maybe next time. My Little Sis and I went to the public library after school. She has me figured out..."hey, take my picture!" Together we did homework and used spelling words in a sentence. She taught me how to use the self-scanner to check out our books. She is creative & giggly & unable to sit still.
Then we went to the grocery & shopped for items on the Thanksgiving Food List.
The food we gathered will be donated to the food bank.
We talked about helping people less fortunate...
Pigs really do fly!
Check this out...
Gasoline for under $2.00/gallon!
Put your hands UP! Woot!


Anonymous said...

I want your prices!!


The Daily Read said...

Ha! I filled up for 1.77 the other day! WooHoo!

Betsy said...

Your "little" is such a cutie pie. Mark is thinking about being a "big". That's a neat thing to take her shopping for the food pantry! I hate to one-up you, but I filled up for $1.77 the other day. :)