a disc, a cookie cutter & a water bottle

Remember me telling you about Brian's friends who bedazzle their discs? Well, it has been in my craw that those 'boys' could bedazzle better than me, as my first attempt turned out miserably. Last night I gathered my resources and tried again...I used an old disc and found one of the simplest patterns that I could find. Ironically, the disc I chose was yellow & Herkey is a pretty easy subject to cut out (with an exacto knife). The end result....the top of his head is a tad goofy, but at least the dyed edges are clean this time,
no bleeding outside of the lines! I must Practice, Practice, Practice!
The weather was gorgeous so B & I played disc golf in a new park today;
short fairways, only 6 holes, easy, right?
Um, WRONG! :)
This is what happened when Brian said...
"hey, watch this, I'm gonna tomahawk it over those trees."
After a very frightening attempt at tree climbing- we decided the safer option was to shake the tree until the disc fell out. Not unlike shaking the vending machine to dislodge a bag of chips. The park is in a neighborhood that I had not been in before... I like the all brick homes with accent brick corners, the dark shutters, entry doors and garage doors. However, I do not like this..... The neighbors have the exact same thing. Hello, cookie cutter! Ick. Apparently there is a problem with wild teeter totters in this neighborhood!?! On a completely unrelated note...

I have a water bottle problem. Okay, maybe the bottle isn't really the problem. The truth is, I have trouble getting my daily 8 glasses of water down and I think if I just had a cooler, better, neater,hip-er water jug I would be able to do it! Right? Wrong! Starting on the left: nice enough jug, neat color, exterior sweats too much, nifty flip lid. Second from left: same as the first, only free from the hospital for nurses week. Third: expensive Aluminum SIGG bottle, keeps water good & cold, ridiculous cap and even more ridiculous 'sport' lid that requires you to push the lid in with your teeth/lips to activate the damn thing and get the water out......what/why? Fourth: 'ol standby from QT, lid doesn't seal tight=leakage. No good. Fifth: the pink Nalgene, I like the small opening that decreases ice crashing into your face, hate the magic trick that is getting ice into the darn thing, and again this one sweats. Sixth: (not pictured) another Nalgene, (in my work locker) only red, with a big mouth hole. No good either due to the before mentioned sweating & ice crashing. If anyone has any ideas that might help me....please, feel free!

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Lizzy said...

Use a pop bottle! You know how to use one of those, you already have a bunch and they are easily refillable...sweat??? of course, but who cares if you are thirsty, water is water...
Or....you could always use a GLASS!!!