rainy wednesday...

Brian has been working tirelessly editing our vacation photos...sorting & cropping all 1800 of 'em!  Click here for Acadia National Park & New Hamshire.  Vermont coming soon!

I started a new book...The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  You know, the Dan Brown of Angels & Demons and Da Vinci Code fame. I am so excited to embark on another adventure with him! 

Yesterday I soaked up some sunshine and spent the whole day outside.  There was a lawn to mow, flowerbeds to mulch,  foliage to trim and clear away.  I successfully bent the mower blade on the curb, caught my necklace on a tree branch and broke it, and helped my elderly neighbor to his feet after he fell.  Thankfully I found my pendant in the grass, the neighbor was not hurt and I was able to change out the mower blade all by myself! 

Thanks to Sylvia's nominating me, I was the Promise Pin winner at work.

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Betsy said...

CONGRATS on your recognition for a job well done!!! Love you.