vacation review

My commentary, opinions and observations about our New England vacation...

:: Signs.  Kuddos to New England for ordinaces keeping huge bill boards and super sized WALMART signs in check. Reminded me of  Pella, Iowa where they enforce similar rules. Kuddos for not letting media ruin the incredible scenery.

:: There was one sign that confused me...
"Discontinue Directional Signal"
Oh, turn off your blinker! 

:: Then there was the very popular MOOSE signs...
Moose: Next 10 miles
Moose Crossing
Completely false advertising because I never once saw said moose! 

:: New England is old ...not unusual to see towns chartered in the 1700's. Wow.

:: I thought I had discovered something new...the cuke.
Come to find out, cuke is another name for cucumber.  
I had to google that one! 

:: In New England, you can buy a brand new truck, straight off the lot, equipped with a snowplow. 

:: Vermont legislature recently passed a 'Right to Dry'  law granting all residents the right to line dry their clothes. Huh, who knew this was an issue?

:: Considering the narrow, tree lined, winding roads a good majority of the time the speed limit was 40 mph. The car registered our average speed at 33 mph. 

:: One thing to consider when planning a fall trip to New England.  Tour buses, tour buses chuck full of elderly folks.  Again, bumpadita-bumpadita... 
We found that we could out run them, most of the time! 

:: Traveling on the interstate you could potentally drive right by Vermont's capital city of MontPillar due to the trees.  I found truth in the saying that sometimes you cant see the forest for the trees!

:: Why are houses connected to the barns in New England? 
This is not my photo {I borrowed it, thank you Mr. Google} to show you what I mean...
What if there is a fire?  Yikes!


TJ said...

You and Brian are practically retirees already, aren't you? ;) Looks like a fun trip!

Yeah, I know Pearl will be fine. She is a sharp cookie, she just needs to use her skills for good instead of evil. I hope we don't have to fight a system that wants to change her because she operates outside their tables and graphs. :(

Lizzy said...

They have SNOW there Dear - and the animals are treated like family - they have their own wing! Fire - fireplaces only please....Hugs!