we must've been good...

A lovely scent: euphoria by Calvin Klein.
Funny because sister Betsy gifted this to me &
I gifted this same thing to sister Angie!

John & Sylvia had Brians magazine cover/article
showcasing his Grand Prize photo framed.
Incredible surprise...love it!

Darn you Apple iPod people -
always making things bigger & better.
16GB + BSG = hours of listening pleasure!

I cant wait to dig into this book of crafty goodness!

Awe, now just look at this...
I can feel the energy bouncing right outa the picture!

Tanner sporting his new 'Life is Good' collar.
Thank you all for the wonderful gifts!
 {including those not pictured here!}

I've been working on a list of goals/ideas/projects for the new year-
the LIST is a post in progress that I hope to be sharing with you soon! 

My promise to you:
 " lose weight"
is not on the list...
We've all heard that one before!  *smile*

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