40 Years of Magic | Volume 5

One last glance...

This moment cracked me up...Matthew and Jacob "reading" the map...
they were having quite the discussion about where to go next! 

Brandon in his Disney issued rain poncho & 3D's.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with my BFF from college, Joy.
We was like peas & carrots in nursing school...seeing her again,
it was like nothing had changed.
Love her.  Love her Hubby. Love her kids. 


Me & my wittle sister Betsy.

Dad - aka - Grandpa and Miss Emma:  all set to go!

Emma & Goofy, er a, Uncle Brian BEING goofy!

These two are buddies.
"Madie, you wanna pway wif me?"

Somehow I do not think the Disney World Resort meant for their
bolster pillows to be used as adult beverage holders...just sayin.

40 Years of Magic...it was a most excellent trip.
I love you & I thank you.  xoxo


Sylvia said...

Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed the heck out of all the photos :-)

believe it or not...it's just me said...

looks like you had a lotta fun!! can't wait to go back myself!!
hope all is well and you guys are staying warm, dry and snow plowed!