Tonight, a hodge podge of left over pictures and some randomness-
I brought this little do-dad home with me from Ikea...it was in at least a million pieces and I assembled it all by myself! I plan to use it -where else? - in the studio to store paper.  I love the fact that it is on casters for easy mobility.
The base boards have been taped off and ready to paint since the end of March. 
*hangs head in shame*
I finally had a day off with enough energy to tackle this project...the green tape is gone and the paint is fresh!
Add to that, a painted guest bedroom and I am one productive girl!

I do not think I posted any pictures of the new carpet...
Tanner is lounging on it above and below the staircase - all fresh & new!

I judge you...
when you see this cutie riding in my car
head out the window
ears blowing in the breeze
sniffer sniffing
and you do not crack a smile
I judge you and determine that you are not a very good person.
Because a person with a good heart smiles at dogs with their heads out the window.
Soooo many people smile at my boy from their cars...Tanner is a smile ambassador!

We made a quick trip to Nebraska to meet our newest little nephew, Curtis.  What a sweet, sweet baby boy...I am quite smitten.

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Sharon @ Real Estate Resuscitation said...

If you ever decide to give away your doggy I want him!