Father's Day | Ryan's 3rd Birthday

One of my *favorite* things about living in KC is that DSM is only a short jaunt up the road and I can be involved in family fun! Sunday we celebrated our fabulous Dad...
(still perfecting this new low light lens...Betsy is a bit blurry...darn it)
We also celebrated Mr Ryan and his 3rd birthday...
He was so excited and when asked what he wanted for his birthday - he relied - "cake" 
A super cute, homemade Dr Seuss cake!
Shortly after he blew the candles, he grabbed the plate, pulled that big 'ol cake towards him and licked the edge - so funny!  We made sure that was HIS piece! 
The children donned their suits and took a dip in the kiddie pool after lunch...perfect refresher on a hot and humid day!

Skinny little things...clearly they need more cake!  :)

Grandma G. got the good gift award this year...
Ryan opened this plush stuffed animal and it was all over!


Betsy said...

Love these pictures!

TJ said...

Looks like fun! We have that same Webkinz wolf!