Happy Halloween!

This year I even got into the act!
We had about 15 little goblins at our door this evening & one dog named Boston dressed as a pirate! Good thing I had some doggie biscuits! our nieces...Justene & Megan Meeeeoowww!


Nina Diane said...

very cool witches hat!

Anonymous said...

OOOHHH Spooky :)
You look very festive!
BTW...love the new picture at the top of the blog!

Lizzy said...

I agree - neat pic!!!! And we all need a Good Samantha in our lives! Glad its you!!!! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Very nice outfit! Is there a broom to go with the hat? I will have to send you the pics of Darren and I at our halloween party. Pretty scary.


Loreluca said...

Nice witch! We've never had a dog come visit us... must be interesting!