Word of the day: Titanium Screw

Today's word: Titanium Screw
Remember this post when the word of the day was extraction?

Today Dr. Taylor & I got up close & personal again as he placed this ginormous screw into my jaw bone. Good times....

I chose to stay awake & do the procedure with Novocaine vs going to sleep. Mostly because "going to sleep" scares me...I know, I have control issues.

I made the mistake of asking to SEE the implant....holy crap people, I swear it is as big as a spark plug!!!

I emerged in good shape and was numb until just a few hours ago, so all is well! My favorite part of the visit? The fleece electric blanket I got cozy under during the drilling...ahhhh, nice.

We're settling in for the big football game.....Cowboys vs Packers!


Lizzy said...

Glad the proceedure went well - but it sure gives a new meaning to "jackin your jaws" - doesn't it????

Alison said...

I can't believe that thing went in your jaw!!!!! ooch!

lori said...

glad to hear the procedure went well...hope you're feeling better!!

Loreluca said...

OUCH!!! Hope you´re feeling GREAT!