Good stuff....

How 'bout those Cowboys???
Cowboy fever is in full swing in these parts & Superbowl talk is abundant!
I have a secret crush on this guy...
{well, not so secret now & don't worry, Brian knows!}
Some of TO's post touchdown antics caught on film....too funny!
You ask, what the heck is an iDog? He is basically an iPod speaker with attitude! You plug your tunes into this guy and he turns his head, waves his ears and lets you know what 'mood' he is in by the color and pattern of his lights. He will growl and bark if you pull his tail, and is happiest when you rub his head! I adore this little guy! How much fun, is that!? A cute Christmas idea for anyone with an iPod or MP3 player.
Warning....Warning....Warning Do not watch this video if you are offended by bad language, namely the F bomb.
  • The Photo a Day has been a challenge for me lately....so sorry. We lost my charger while on vacation in New England and replacing it has proven to be quite a challenge. However, we are on our way to a full charge as we speak! :)
  • Brian wanted to clarify that he is not sporting a can of chew in his pocket....it was a camera lens cap! {the photo @ Megan's dedication, upper left pocket.
  • I'm working on a new craft...
  • Christmas cards are almost done! (sorry, no letter this year, I spent an entire afternoon trying to create one & finally gave up. just read here, thats whats up! ha!)
  • The titanium rod is all good...the second day I looked like a squirrel hoarding about 6 very large walnuts, but that swelling is all gone now & I had the stitches removed Wednesday.
  • The Christmas rush is on! Ready, Set, Go!


Lizzy said...

Another good post as usual. I can vouch for Brian and no can of chew - I was there! Glad to hear the rod is doing well and the swelling is down. Can't wait to see the new craft project... and the blog is plenty for most unless they don't get the internet.
Hugs and Loves!

Loreluca said...

ok... show the craft!!!
LOVED the song! Gotta blog that when I get back home!