I done did it. The next phase of the MIP {michelle improvement project} is underway. I joined 24 Hour Fitness. Wednesday @ 0900 the fun begins....

New/old tunes. Prince. Prince & the Revolution. The artist formally known as Prince. Prince and the NEW Revolution....whatever. We picked up his greatest hits album & it is so rockin! There is something oddly sexy about him, don't you think?

Remember that secret I mentioned? It is a secret no more...BOTH of my little sisters are expecting this summer! {babies, not giraffes!}

projects I'm knee deep in.....

  1. office redo....fresh paint, new carpet on the way and lots of displaced furniture
  2. scrapbook for a co-worker that I've put off way to long...displayed ALL over the dining room
  3. more items selling on eBay
  4. putting the finishing touches on my Clin 4 packet for work = bonus money
  5. coming soon....a new RAK!


Betsy said...

1.Congrats on joining the gym!!!
2.Prince is SO not sexy. Not my type. Sorry. 3.Yeah neices and nephews!!! They love Aunt Shel. 4.Can't wait to see the results of your projects. Send pics! 5.So you liked the pasta recipe??? 6.No one can beat a Gray Girl in Scrabble. Need not even try. :) 7.Love You!!!

Anonymous said...

Shel..2 things to say to you #1..I'll be stalking your auctions now-- NERD!! :) #2 Yeah Giants!! Cowboys stink!! :) :) Tony couldn't do it again! Have a great noc! Let's connect soon! Love, Carri ps-I'm with you, Prince ROCKS and is Sexy! Can't beat the home town boy! :) pss-thanks for giving me something new to read! :) XOXOXOXO

Loreluca said...

Congrats on the li'l sisters babies! I'm sure you're thrilled to have new nieces/nephews!
Neat thing going the sporty way. I should, too. Really.
ok, Where is your addy for your etsy store???