farm to market

Today Brian, PeeJay and I strapped into the Hot Rod and took a road trip...
we traveled part of the Bankhead Highway, sort of like Route 66, only not really... We have not been Geocaching forEVER.....so we did a bit of that today also. We found this little gem in the cemetery at Thurber, Tx. Seems that we are a bit out of practice, as this is the only cache we actually found today!
Now, being out in the country has its dangers....
like vicious thorny trees...

and wild ants that bite!

and prickly pear cactus' in the shape of hearts!

Who is Albert Reck? And what the heck is Bocci Ball?

And look what I found while window shopping in Baird, Tx .... a 8 foot, maybe bigger!, lime green, handmade, macrame plant hanger thingy!!! Simply to die for, don't ya think?

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Lizzy said...

Oh Good Girl - you kept the camera handy and hot! Looks like a fun trip.

Hope that green thing doesn't GROW!!!!