We're adopting!

We have completed the application process & are working on scheduling our home visit.
Hopefully soon we will be the proud parents of a floppy eared, docked tail darling like Tanner...

We decided to give a dog a second chance at a really {I mean REALLY } good life! We are adopting from the English Springer Rescue America.

I'm hoping to be sending our baby announcements soon! *Smile*


Lori said...

I like Maxwell, Dash and Tanner!

Anonymous said...

Shel...Dash gets my vote too! He's super cute! I don't know if you get a choice or not, I'm sure you do? He's sweet! Love, Carri

Anonymous said...

I would call him "scooter" What a cute guy!


Lizzy said...

doesn't matter WHAT you call him/her - you will love the hell out of whatever you get! Congrats.