Raise a hand...

Remember the {MIP} Michelle Improvement Project?
First I quit smoking, then joined the gym...
Welcome new phases in the project :: Become a volunteer.
I have raised my hand & yesterday I interviewed. Oh, I so hope they pick me. I'm nervous!
If I am not chosen, my back up plan is to volunteer in the library at the elementary school around the corner...might do that anyway, we'll see!?

This {MIP} is taking on a life of its own...another phase :: Renewed Relationship (with God) I signed up for a bible study every Tuesday evening for 10 weeks. It is paid for, so I am going. Unlike my gym membership...but that is another subject entirely.

Speaking of church, Tanner got a new toy called a Hol-EE Roller! Seriously, I'm not making that up! Cute huh? You put a milk bone biscuit in the holes and he is captivated trying to get them out, sort of like a crossword puzzle for the canine! * Peace out *


TJ said...

Good luck - I am proud of your efforts! I, too, need to make a better effort at giving back in proportional to how much we have been blessed.

I am torn on the live traffic feed - I think it is facinating and Big Brotherish at the same time. ;)


believe it or not...it's just me said...

I am proud of you as well! improving yourself AND being nice!! great deal.

Anonymous said...

We should all have the courage to better ourselves everyday. You make me want to work on the JIP. (Jane improvement project)
What's the live traffic feed. Gotta check that out.


Anonymous said...

You have to pay for bible study? WHO exactly do you pay?

PS does he take credit cards?


Betsy said...

Ooh, I hope they pick you too!!!
More exciting than the library. :)
I hope you have as great a bible study as I had. What's the study?
Abby needs a Hol-EE Roller!