Happy Sunday, Y'all

A little randomness for you on this fine Sunday afternoon...
We saw this cute vintage MG in a New England museum
and considering those are my initials,
they should just let me have it, no!?

I got cancelled from work today.  Me, along with several others.
Our unit has 47 NICU beds and schedule 18-20 RN's per shift.
The census ebbs and flows - there are times when we are busting at the seams with multiples and critically ill babies - then there are the lean times.
This lean spell has been hanging around for some time now and folks are getting anxious. With the economy the way it is, job layoffs and single mothers - many of my co-workers are supporting their families on one income and this hits home, hard.  The pressure is on for many and with Christmas right around the corner, the timing is just bad.
It isn't that there aren't sick babies, they are just not in our facility. The NICU is a cash cow and every hospital administrator wants one...and without having to prove a need or any sort of regulation, there are units popping up all over. 
Maybe this is a post all its own...lets move on!

It 'tis the season to start collecting pretty paper & tags & ribbon!
If you are anything like me,
you can't wait one more minute to start wrapping.
It's not natural to resist wrapping urges!

And speaking of pretty packages...
my little big lovebomb

who appears to have a serious aversion
to making eye contact with the camera

but this adorable, cold, wet, whiskery, freckled snout
makes up for any inadequacies

like I said - lovebomb

Sixty glorious pounds of it!


TJ said...

I'd buy the car. ;) You can come and wrap my gifts. They always look like a 3 year old wrapped them.

Lizzy said...

Things are tight all over, but look at it this way - maybe we will get back to appreciating what we have instead of what we don't have.....Hugs!

Dana said...

It does go it spurts and cycles, but will turn around as it generally does with the census. I HATE wrapping gifts, maybe I need some pointers to enjoy it more or spice it up. They are more labor intensive than fun?