I'm hungry. Where is Woopert?

I traveled home sans Brian this trip...
and since I didnt come equipped with my usual bed partner
and considering that bed space was at a premium...
I was assigned to bunk with three year old Jacob.
Yeah...here is how that went...

3:30 am:
Jacob- Is it wake up time, Mommy?
Me- No honey, not yet. Close your eyes and go back to sleep.
(I played the part of Mommy, not wanting to upset the child + I was too tired to explain)

3:45 am:
Jacob- Mommy, I'm tursty.
Me- (reluctantly) okay, I'll go get you a drink of water.
Jacob- (eagerly slurps down an entire glass of water)
Me- Goodnight, honey. (hoping he doesnt wet the bed...)

4:00 am:
Jacob- (whimpering) Where is Woopert? (Rupert, the teddybear)
Me- Right here, baby.  Now go back to sleep.

4:15 am:
Jacob- I'm hungry.
Me- (thinking to myself - maybe if I pretend to be asleep...)

4:30 am:
Jacob- Is it wake up time?
Me- Not yet. You can get up when Emma & Madie get up.

4:45 am:
Jacob- I'm hungry, I'm ready for my breakfast.
Me- (oh, lord)

5:00 am:
Jacob- I WANT MY MOMMY! (in a desperate whimper that is threatening to become an all out wail)
Me- Yes, dear heart, lets go find your Mommy! (I deposited the hungry, bear toting tot in his parents room)

and that was just the first night...


Betsy said...

Hee Hee... :)

Alli said...

That is so funny! Sounds like Little Jacob has the same schedule as Little Samara. Way too early!