The votes are in!
A landslide in favor of a photo-a-day in 2010!
I promise to try & keep up!

COMING :: JAN 1, 2010


TJ said...

Yeah! I had ONE photo of our entire family from this year. It is going in my mother-in-laws Christmas card and we look like a bunch of gomers. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yippee!!! I can't wait!

Betsy said...


Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo!! Yippee!! I CANNOT wait!! Btw...I love this pic of the cameras. Awesome! The elves will be sending a package south tomorrow! I hope you like it! I sure do!! *heart* you! Love your bff!!

Lizzy said...

I will add another Yippee!!!!! Not only is it good for the spirit, but it improves the nature of your relationship with the world! Challenge taken and accepted!
I'll Join you!

Michelle {bsktgirl} said...

Ang, Bets, TJ....why dont you join Lizzy & I and take a photo a day!!!!