true confessions

I have a confession to make.  I hoard groceries.  I tend to buy certian items every time I go to the store, whether I need them or not. There really is no reason to hoard, there are two grocery stores within walking distance of our house and to my knowledge there is not a refried bean shortage.  It is not the great depression nor do not live in a remote village. 

Exhibit A: can of pumpkin pie filling, best by April 2008.

Exhibit B: dusty can of sweetened condensed milk with a slightly yellowed label.

I'm guessing, but I think I may have bought the pumpkin & canned milk to make pies.  Probably for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago when Mom & Dad were here...
Anyway, I decided it would be best, albeit wasteful, to throw some things out.

Exhibit C: said can of condensed milk.

I punctured the top of the can in order to empty it and this nasty brown substance came burping out...oh goodness, gracious.  Please note - sweetened condensed milk should be a milky white LIQUID!

I do solemnly swear, from this day forward, NOT to hoard canned goods.


TJ said...

You should watch Hoarders on A&E. It is my inspiration to clean somedays!

I think everyone has some sort of hoarding tendency, though.

lori said...

haha that's hilarious garner!!!

Lizzy said...

Truth is shared with many of us...when is just one enough...look at MY pantry sometime...you are NOT ALONE!