right now...

My fingernails are freshly painted.
OPI's "oh, to be 25 again!"

I am loving the winter Olympic coverage.

I have been feeling a bit teary eyed today. 
Hormones. Nella's birth story. Daniel's (my nicu primary baby) emergency surgery. 
Maybe a combination.

After midnight I will fast until my annual lab work is drawn.
Better get a snack...

More winter weather in the forecast for tonight & tomorrow.
I certainly hope it does not goof up my plans!
I live in Texas, right? Huh?

Everyone seems to have the winter blues...
so, to remedy this, I am concocting a special 'bring spring' RAK.
{details to follow}

Maybe what I need is a scented candle.
I have not had one in awhile.
Tomorrow I will soothe myself with a new scent.
{weather permitting}

I find it strange that all of my beauty products run empty at the same time...
shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer AND lip saver.
{Conspiracy?  Maybe.}

Tanner dog took an early morning run about the neighborhood Sunday morning @ 4:45.
I screamed & quite possibly woke the dead.
It is muddy in the backyard, so I foolishly let him out the front without a leash...
he darted after a critter across & down the street.
{opossum, maybe?}

I am hoping Mom & Dad stop back on their way home!!! 
{pretty please *wink*}

Better get that snack & think about bed...


Lizzy said...

AH....you HAVE fingernails...this is a good thing!

And you will always be young and beautiful and smart, and funny and etc. etc. etc. to me!

Anonymous said...

What surgery did Daniel have? I am assuming that is Bri's bro you are speaking of!

Carri said...

Don't feel blue cause I love you AND we have some SUPER fun coming our way SOON!! Not soon enough, I know, but soon friend!! Hang in there! Winter blues here are an understatement. I loved this post. Random. My favorite!! :)

Carri said...

Thanks a lot...just so you know the curiousity of Nella's birth story got the best of me. MISTAKE! I didn't need that. The tears were pouring down my face too. *sigh* How did you find her? That mom is gorgeous.

Kamal said...

'bring spring' RAK. sounds intriguing. can't wait to hear more about that!
winter blues. i hear you. all this gloomy weather has got me down too. thank God for some sunshine today. ready to bring out the flip-flops, spring dresses, sunglasses =).