snow, snow, snow!

We have had a record setting, most amazing
and almost unbelievable 12 inches of snow in DFW! 
FYI -there are no snowplows here.
It is a wet/slushy mess-o-la.
when life gives lemons - make lemonade
when life gives southerners snow - make snowmen!
We each got stuck on the driveway...
silly rear wheel drive.
We have broken tree branches in the backyard...
but thankfully we never lost power.
The sun will come out tomorrow...
and the former will melt away.
...a little tipsy...
I didnt have to work or commute
 smoking a stoogie
 guess she got tired?
Reds fans carry rakes?
 golf, anyone?
snow shovel?  what snow shovel?
Is this Texas? 
drunk & disorderly
snow cowboy
 snow ogre
 PP-PP-Poker face!
These folks could be trend setters!

1 comment:

TJ said...

Great photos! I am glad the snow stayed south of us this time. I am tired of it. I live in the south for a reason. ;)