Brian introduced me to the band Speedtrucker early in our relationship.  Speedtrucker was a group of guys & one gal (on bass guitar, of all things!) who played "high velocity honky tonk."  Country music with a kick!  The play list included old favorites from artists like Johnny, Waylon & Merle...only trucked up.  And by 'trucked up' I mean played loud & super fast
They wore bent up straw cowboy hats, boots & pearl snapped shirts.  They drank a lot of beer and while we were there, in those days, so did we! 
See video here,  here & here.

BSG & I at the 8.0 downtown Fort Worth

I believe it is essential in any lasting relationship to build memories and share good times. BSG and I certianly recall our Speedtrucker days fondly - they were at the birth of our relationship.
Brian taught me to dance. We laughed. Made friends.  Closed down the bar.  Ate Cafe Brazil breakfast @ 3 am. 
To this day we talk about the fun we shared and can sing every word to every song! 


Cafe Brazil said...

I love that we were part of such a great memory! Thanks for the shout out!

Lizzy said...

And when you are 92 you will STILL smile about those good times...may there be MANY MANY more!!!