Cold vs Allergies

Every spring I battle allergies. 
The routine - runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, sneezing.
Due in large part to these blooming beauties...
Then I got to thinking...
I feel pretty miserable.
Maybe it is more than seasonal allergies?
Hard to tell at first...but I am pretty
sure I have a springtime cold.
The worst kind.
In the winter you expect it...
but in the spring?
Now that BSG has the same symptoms -
I can no longer blame the pretty pink blooms
for my woes.
I turned to the neti pot -
because the fabulous Dr Oz recommended it.
A 'natural' alternative to wash my sinus' clear...right?
Um, wrong.
There is nothing 'natural' about pouring water
into one side of your nose
and expecting it to completely drain out the other side.
*Not to mention - I practically drown*
Additionally, in the event the water does not completely drain...
as in my case, you feel 10x worse.
This thing is the devil.
The devil, I say.
And I do not recommend it.


Betsy said...

Funny! I have a sinus infection and just bought a neti pot on Tuesday, and I think it is great! I was scared of it thinking it would feel like it does in the pool when you get water up your nose, and that I would cough and choke and drown but I found it helpful and I had no problems! Just relax breathe out of your mouth! We're with you on the spring cold misery. I'm taking Ry to the doctor again today.

lori said...

oh man, garner! I hope that you start feeling better soon! this has been one serious springtime cold!!!

TJ said...

This winter has taken its toll on all us, I think.

I have used a Neti Pot before too and it is tricky to get used to it. I do think it works well, if you can mouth breathe!

Lizzy said...

Been doing this for years, altho we use a bottle instead of the pot...but Denny calls it a "Controlled drowning"....so he has empathy...I would rather have the cold.