Viva Las Vegas | Day Three

The fabulous Vegas strip in the daylight...
looks MUCH different than at night! 
The freaks come out at night...
and that is the honest to goodness truth.
Take my word for it!
We were walking the strip.
We came across this dude dressed all crazy in a bra and a wig and such.
Honestly, I do not even remember all the horrific details.
The transvestite freak said the funniest thing:
"Hey man! {addressing BSG}
You saw it! 
You cant un-see it!"
Totally cracked us, er, a, me up! 
I have NEVER in my life seen so many ridiculous outfits. 
Slutty, ill fitting clothing.
Shoes that no human can or should walk in.
And boobs, boobs hanging out everywhere! 
Trust me on this one also.
'People watching' was one of my favorite activities.
I am a big believer in comfort.
Comfort over fashion.
I wish, wish, wish that I had pictures of the night time fun on the strip...
but sadly I do not.
You have to see it for yourself.
Trust me! 
This is Red Rock Canyon,
just west of Las Vegas
in the Mojave Desert.
Red rock.
Crazy rocks.
Swirly rocks.
Bigger than me.
Bigger than you.


Lizzy said...

Aside from the wonderful pictures, there is no wondering why I love this blog so much - the narrative is sensational!!! Keep up the good work Darlin!

Staci said...

I love to people watch too and maybe that is why Vegas is so much fun for me. So many more "interesting" characters on the streets of Vegas than the streets of Iowa.

I am loving your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Dang!! I am so bummed that I don't get the pics of the freaks and boobs!! That would have been the best part as you and I would have had a GRAND time talking about ALL of them! :) And my question, what do these people do for work and in their 'real' life?!?! So much different than mine!

Mark & Anne said...

Red rock and Mt. Charleston were our favorite spots when we lived there! So beautiful!