Springtime, oh how I love thee...

Warmer temperatures and longer days make our sun room the best seat in the house.
Two nights this week BSG and I spent time here with drink in hand...making plans, sharing old memories and just enjoying quiet time together.
The room faces east - so it is absolute perfection in the morning. 
Built in 1980, we have well established trees - so in the spring and summer, when they are full with leaves, the back yard turns into a private oasis.  A strong tower around our little world in the city.
We keep several feeders for the birds (thistle seed for the finches, peanuts for the blue jays, and a general feeder with a songbird mix that attracts Cardinals) and a birdbath...so, especially in the morning, there is song and a lot of activity.
My purple clematis grows on an old iron headboard, this week he got a lovely pink lady companion...I hope they are happy together and have a long, productive lifetime!  I am anxious to get my hands in the fresh soil and do more spring planting...soon, very soon!
I am such a nerd sometimes...I have drawings + measurements of all the flower beds to help me be organized when I purchase my plants!
Happy planting!
Have a sunny day!
Happy belated Easter!
The flowers appear on the earth; the time
of the singing of birds is come, and the
voice of the dove is heard in our land; The
fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and
the vines with the tender grape give a
good smell.
Song Of Solomon 2:12-13

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TJ said...

I need a covered porch - 40 mph winds again today!