HELLO, my name is Herb.

OK. So, I got this crazy idea to grow my own herbs.
Especially, after I paid for fresh basil at the grocery
and it wilted died before I got a chance to actually USE it!
And in true bsktgirl fashion, I had to have special pots.
Pots from the Home Depot just would not do. 
Certainly not!
I went to eBay for these adorable vintage ones!
The blue (my favorite) is McCoy pottery.
The green and yellow are Shawnee. 
Shawnee, like my hoot owl salt & pepper shakers, FYI.

AND THEN....I found these herbs in biodegradable packaging!
The herbs are planted in peat pots.
No plastic.
Brilliant, I say, brilliant!

German Thyme
Sweet Basil

re-purposed pots. 
earth friendly recyclable containers. 
home grown herbs.


Betsy said...

Cute Pots! I LOVE fresh herbs! Read up on cilantro, you have to keep clipping it at soil level so it doesn't go to seed (coriander). You are actually supposed to restart a new plant every couple of weeks for a continuous supply. Where's the photography post?

believe it or not...it's just me said...

looks like fun!! I love to grow my herbs (don't really use them to cook with) not sure why... but i do love to grow them :)

Lizzy said...

A win-win situation there girl! Good Job!