Spring Trippin' in Texas

Oy Vay! Look at the time! I haven't posted in quite awhile! Lets catch you up...
Our move to KC did not stop us from taking our annual spring Texas trip! We spent a long weekend in DFW and soaked up every minute!
On the drive : we witnessed the Flint Hills in Kansas on fire.
Photo via the Iphone Joy Camera App.
We strolled cobble streets & popped in and out of shops ... I am in love with the vibe, the feel, the magic that is downtown Fort Worth.  Muuuaaah!  I have missed you.
That BFF of mine is quite the planner and loves to have a party...so a bunch of our nurse friends got together for a KC Sucks Party - version 2!  It was so wonderful to love on everyone again - I have missed my 'Texas family' so very much these past six months.

We played Rock Band...at first glance it appears BSG is channeling his inner Bret Michael's...nope, he is actually hiding from the camera.  :)  Stinker.  But seriously, for his first time ever playing, he was really good.  He gots the beat!
Libby didn't seem to mind our visit.  She loves to play fetch and is re.lent.less in her pleading...
Sweet Girl.
Scary Girl.
Naw, not scary at all, I just caught her mid chomp!  :)

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