Hello friends! I feel obliged to post even if I really have nothing terribly exciting to report!
I believe we are all ready for Christmas...just have to work a couple of days and then we will be hitting the northbound road! Until then....
This is what Tanner & I did this morning....yup, more leaf raking in December. Good Times. They are predicting a cold front moving in this evening & I would prefer to rake in 70 degree/dry conditions!
Tanner was quite the helper...peeing on my piles. Thanks, buddy! A while back I purchased a stake out/rope for Tanner...he freaks out when we are in the yard and he is not invited...so today I hitched him to the stake and he was quite content to sit on the sidewalk and watch the world go by... Shortly after this photo, we got into a fight...something about a bucket bath and muddy feet.
Oh and just look who showed up again!
My favorite Ugly Duckling!
Catch the full story here and here!
Thank you, Kelly! :)
Last night we partied in celebration of my friend & her birthday...pictures to follow.
Tonight we are headed to the neighbors for a Christmas gathering.
I am blessed. 'Tis the season!

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Betsy said...

I'd take raking leaves to shoveling snow any day. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be -1. I'm dreaming of a Mele Kalikimaka...