good times...

Happy Happy Birthday, Baby!
Mom is 60 years young today!
Love you!

My new friend, Amy & I attended the Christmas gala at church last night. Such giggly fun!

Today my Little & I attended the
Big Brothers Big Sisters
holiday celebration...
Little had never been on ice skates! She got the hang of things rather quickly, gained some speed, but never left the safety of the wall! Wonderful little smile, don't ya think? I felt like a giraffe on ice! { I never left the wall either! }

No holiday celebration would be complete without a visit from Santa!


TJ said...

You mom was a pretty baby!

I haven't ice skated forever. They have a roller rink in town popular for birthday parties. I have Daren take Mable.


Anonymous said...

I see you took the advice from the mom of 3 young kids and took Little ice skating...good choice!! I bet she, and you, had the time of your lives. cjb