911, what is your emergency?

We called an electrican to investigate why the power in the master bedroom would dim/go off when the furnace kicked in - a strange & rather annoying new development.  The electrican and his sidekick quickly determined that the problem was at the meter, where the power enters the house.  He informed us that the meter was hot & smelled of smoke, and that the big energy company would have to come out and unlock it.  Well now...when the big energy company guy got here he was unable to get the meter open, because it was essentially welded shut.  Welded, as in, so hot it melted!  BSG and I, sitting inside, hear a big bang, crack & a pop, followed by the power going out, followed by shouts.  I ran outside afraid that I would need to preform CPR on an electric shock victim - thankfully, I did not!  When I get outside I see the big energy guy running to his truck for a hammer & fire extingisher.  Evidently in his attempts to remove the meter cover, wires touched or something and it was on fire.  When I arrived on the scene he was in full action mode.  He used the hammer to whack the cover off and when he did flames, big fiery red FLAMES came shooting out of the side of our house!  I'm like..."HELLO- should I call the fire department?" in a not so calm manner.  By the time FW Fire arrived - the flames were out and they were less than impressed.  Sadly, none of the big strong men that arrived were calendar worthy.

The restoration of our power would take another 7 hours. This little 'incident' knocked out the transformer and therefore the power to our neighbors.  I'm sure they were thrilled. 
Presenting...our shiny new meter box!

Needless to say, we feel blessed that this was corrected before the house burned down. 

On to other news...I am working with Tanner to solve some of our troubles.  The gate plan failed, so a kennel was our last resort.  We went with the plastic crate vs the wire one - hopeful that with slow, gentle introduction he will feel calm enough in there to not FREAK and attempt to eat his way out!  Speaking of eat...I have been serving all meals/treats inside the kennel.

So far, so good.  Tanner is responding well.  I am hopeful.

Bottoms up!


TJ said...

What an exciting day! I was expecting a little more out of the FWFD, too. ;)


Lizzy said...

And I thought I had all the excitement? WRONG!!!! Glad all is well again.