Goal # 7 | Be thrifty, re-use, re-purpose

Hi, friends!  Did you think I'd forgotten you?  Well, I did not. 
I am back with another titillating tale, full of adventure...
a real page turner, this one...   ;)
BSG & I have been out antiquing and I have come up with a few thrifty treasures.
First up - the board game, Aggravation, in fantastic condition.
The copyright date on the board is 1970...now that is vintage, people!
Re-use...Deluxe Party Edition.
I was excited to find this because -
you can't buy this version any more +
I have wonderful memories of this game.
Dad always plays the white marbles.
Grandma G. took great pleasure in knocking your marbles off...causing aggravation!  
If I were to assign a family game, this would be it.
You know, like the state bird or flower...the family game.
There is however, a man down, a soldier left behind.
Never, NEVER leave your wing man!
Any one out there have a spare red marble you'd like to share?
Next up - a floral frog.  I have been searching for the 'perfect' frog for some time now.  {available in antique stores everywhere}  Floral frogs were used to make flower arrangements before they invented that weird green foam. 
into a nifty paper holder.
Perfect to display postcards, notes, homemade cards, letters
or any other paper ephemera!


TJ said...

Awesome - what great memories of that game! Of course, my kids would lose all the marbles in about a week.

Sherri Beenken said...

I am very partial to 1970 the year I was born and it turned 40 this year. I liked that game!!! Have a great Easter!!

Betsy said...

Nice finds!