Prozac anyone?

I started my dog on Prozac. Yup.  I sure did.
Poor baby.
He is just not 'coping' well.
Tanner has always been prone to anxiety issues,

probably stemming from his puppy hood where he
was neglected, abused and sent to a shelter.
English Springers Spaniels, as a breed, are prone to
separation anxiety issues. 
They *love* being with their people and strive to please.
Tanner is extremely attached to me and follows me EVERYWHERE...
this is quite flattering - practical? - not so much.
A perfect angel when we are at home but when left alone he fa-REAKS out. 
A genuine panic attack.
In his mania he has managed to...
1. Push his head through 3 window screens.
2. Dig/scratch the kitchen pantry door.
3. 'Mark' his scent in the living room - a couple of times.
4. Break the door out of the vari-kennel on the HINGED side and once free in the garage,
he proceeded to scratch the hell out of BOTH sides of my car in an attempt to
get inside.
5. Open the garage door and let himself into the house. 
{when we left him in the garage in a futile attempt to contain his bad self}
6. Baby gate?  He laughs in the face of a baby gate, they are no match for him!
7. Dig/scratch at the front door and garage door frames - peeling paint and chewing wood trim.
8. I wont even go into the maxi pad incident of 2010  ---  you're welcome.

Clearly, we needed some assistance.  I found a vet who actually
owns a Springer and can relate to the neurosis. 
Dr F  spent over an hour with us - complete history, physical exam, blood work.
He also gave me some great suggestions on how to re-train our fine furried friend.
*so happy with him*
Additionally, he prescribed Tanner Prozac to help take the edge off.

All of Tanners lab work came back normal - fit as a fiddle!  :) 
We needed to rule out something physical causing him stress.

I am hopefully optimistic that a few new techniques + the medication 
will help us, help him. 
Better living through pharmaceuticals!!!  I hope.


sarah said...

oh man. i hope the prozac works for him! poor puppy...and poor you (and your house + car!).

john said...

Only you would have a dog needing Prozac!! Poor Tanner!

Sylvia said...

How lucky Tanner is to have such a wonderful mommy!