Just call me Martha...

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Disney programming for an easy-peasy project.
{idea copied from the creative genius, Martha}
You start with a cheapo, relatively ugly, $7.99 boot tray.

Then you get crazy looks when you ask for rocks - in the dead of winter -
at the local home improvement store. I bought rainbow rock,
however, there are many to choose
from and one bag will be plenty @ $3.94 a bag.
I found the rocks to be extremely dirty.
So I washed 'em.
"What did you do today, Michelle?"
"Um, I washed rocks."

As I was washing the red dirt off, I thought to myself...
Are these Oklahoma rainbow rocks?
Sure enough, look at the label!

They really are quite pretty all shined up!

Then you fill the tray, place it by the front door & voila!
For a grand total of 12.00 bucks a stylish place to put yer boots!
And with any luck, minimize the puddles in the entryway.
Total of 19 inches of snow and counting...eek!


TJ said...

Cute idea! I don't find rocks like that at my house and Miami isn't too far away!

Betsy said...

Looks like a great place for Tanner to piddle! :) Cute!

Lizzie T said...

19 inches ! your lucky! In NJ were working on over 40 since Christmas!

Michelle {bsktgirl} said...
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