I'm messin with the blog design a little...under construction so that the pictures can be larger. 
For now I have put the blog links at the bottom of the posts along with the newsfeed.
I'll give this a try and with your feedback, see how it works!

I'm working on a new post that was inspired by this conversation:

BSG:  Did you update your blog today?
Me:  No. What do I have to blog about?
BSG:  Well, you could blog about what a great guy I am.
Me:  *chuckle* Oh, really? 
BSG:  Naw, you dont have to.

So, in honor of BSG and his 37th birthday, I am working on the 37 things that make BSG a good guy.
I'm pretty sure he didnt think I would do it....
I rarely back down from a challenge! 

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