Lori | KC

This week my friend Lori came to visit and we had a fabulous time!
A little history...I was Lori's RN preceptor in Dallas when she was a new graduate.
I enjoyed working with her because she is a sharp one and eager to learn.

One of the main items on the agenda - the Princess Diana exhibit at Union Station.

Thankfully the exhibit was in the basement, because the tornado sirens were a blaring and the skies ugly...sadly, a routine sight around here lately. 

I was amazed by the volumes of condolence books written for Diana, the impressive family tree and the diamond tiara...holy wow, it is good to be a princess! 
We got caught up on the latest, took in a movie, got our toes done and ate.  Oh boy did we eat....as evidenced by the shopping cart of truffle fries... 
and a cupcake for desert from Cupcake A La Mode! 
Thanks for the visit, Lori! 

*my apologies for the Iphone pictures, I must get that big camera out, pronto!

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